As a valued partner of Cropline Haulage you can now harness their collective buying power for your truck insurance needs. Cropline has partnered with SRG and negotiated with a leading Australian Insurer on your behalf. That means we now have an EXCLUSIVE group purchasing arrangement whereby as one of Croplines sub-contractors you can access substantial discounts on truck insurance.

Underwriting Terms & Conditions

SRG have negotiated up to a 30% discount off the standard premium rates with two leading Australian Insurance Companies subject to their standard Underwriting criteria which includes:

Primary Haulage
The underwriter will individually assess your application based on the haulage, radius, vehicle sum insured, and back haulage. Some activity types require additional Underwriting consideration and will be assessed independently to this promotion.

Prior Losses & Claims
You will be required to complete a duty of disclosure that will ask you important questions about your personal and business history.

Driver History
Your prior driving history may reduce the amount of discount available or exclude you from this promotion.

Excluded Products
This promotion applies to Truck Insurance Packaged Products only (excludes Workers’ Compensation and all domestic products)

Minimum Premiums
Insurers will apply minimum premiums reducing or excluding any applicable discount. The minimum premiums applicable will vary depending on Insurer and policy section.

For an obligation free review of your insurances please contact:

Steven Stanbrook
 1300 551 969
M: 0418 296 819